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  • hacked by NG689Skw

    Posted on February 23rd, 2010 xire11 No comments

    hacked by NG689Skw

  • Luna Online review

    Posted on December 13th, 2009 xire11 No comments

    Wew, this is my first review…

    So I hope u all can enjoy readin’ this…

    Game play – 7.3/10


    Luna online is an MMORPG with a chibi (super deform) character with a cute expression. In Luna, you can choose 2 race when making a character, Human or Elf, then you can choose one of the three class, Fighter, Rogue and Mage.

    Just like any other MMORPG, in Luna you will gain experience to level up, get item from monsters, upgrading and enchanting weapons and armors, PvP, set your own character status and skills, open up your own shop, and variant quests.

    Luna has up to 54 different classes. Each class has their own unique status and ability. And also, you can choose your next class without any straight bond from your previous class, but still in bound of fighters’ line if you are a fighter, and so on.

    The camera system in Luna is pretty good, you can choose what kind of angel which you like the most. From the closest view of the character or the farter angel, like a 3rd person view.

    The map systems, using portals for each sector. When you want to go to the next map, you will have to go through a portal.

    In Luna, you will find a cute monster and a terrifying monster. So when you are playing, you won’t become bored so easily, because of these unique monster looks.

    Well, after playing some time, you may get bored because the hard experience after lvl 50. But you will get excited again, because Luna throws some new event occasionally that will make you play Luna again with excitement.


    Graphics & Sound – 8.2/10

    The first impressions of Luna will be, this game graphics is childish, because the graphic cute of the character and monsters. But as you playing trough time, you will see the good of Luna and Luna not only for children, but for everyone.

    Luna online have some great graphics. Each character has its own detail looks. From expressions, faces, build, movements, armors, weapons, and costumes. You will see a great graphic when you playing this game. The colors also eye-catching for players.

    The monsters in Luna also have a detail touch in every aspect. From the movements, looks, expressions, costume, and also their weapons.

    The maps in Luna have a deep graphic design. Each sector has its own unique topography. Every map has its own increment and decrement in every place. The lights in every place also differ from dungeons to open environments. This gives a great attractiveness for players.

    The sounds in Luna have a good quality. The theme songs for every map have unique instruments, and it will always accompany you in your journey in leveling or completing a quest.

    The other sound is character voices. This is the lack of the game I think, because the voice of the skill from each character is the same. And from what I have played, I can’t make a different from a female or male voice when using a skill. But the sound of the character voice is clear enough to be heard. And that’s one aspect that good from this lack of voice systems.

    Unique features – 8.2/10

    Luna has some unique features. Like some other MMORPG, here in Luna we can make a guild or join a guild, make an alliance, PvP.

    Luna has feature for crafting too. Crafting unique weapons, armors, items for upgrading, and costumes.

    For upgrading weapon, armors, or costumes, Luna has 2 ways.

    Reinforcing, this features require some kind of stone to upgrade your weapons for some bonus status.

    Enchanting, this features require some kind of scroll to make your weapons will became +, like +1 and so on , so your weapons can emitted some kind of light or energy. This also increase attack or defense power of the weapons.

    There are unique features in Luna, we can make a family. Each family can contain up to 5 players. Now, each family can have their own farm to manage. In this farm you can plant a seed, and collect for money from your farm. Now these are different features that won’t find in every MMORPG games.

    Another features in Luna is Fishing. In fishing, we need a pole and bait. The fish that we have caught can be trade for points. These points can be trade for some unique costumes that can give you a boost status. And there are weathers, this weather can effects your catching probability. There are 6 different weathers, cloudy, foggy, rainy, windy, dusky, and stormy.

    Like in some other MMORPG, in Luna we can go dating to. There is a unique system for dating, we can search for players which have the biggest match point with our character. Before we can go out dating, we will have to become a resident. In becoming a resident, we will have to fill some kind of data. From that data, the system will calculate the match point.

    Also, Luna has an online item shop, where players can buy items and costumes with a gpotato currency.

    Community interactivity – 8.5/10

    Luna has some good community. As I can see, the community of Luna player are good . Many Luna players became a volunteer in the community forum for giving some guide for the other player and newbie. Every treads get a quick response from the other players that will help or give some comment on your treads.

    Well, not quite all Luna players join the forum, but still the forum will give every Luna players some guide or an usable info to make their character have some good status, class, or item.

    The events in Luna usually became a hot topic in the forum, in which every active player in the forum will give some comment for the event.

    The Luna online team also gives a quick response for every treads. Every bugs which have been reported to the forum, usually will get the response in no time and the Luna team will quickly try to solve the problem.

    In the game, when you shouted a problem to the whole server, there are some nice players that will help solving your problem.

    All I can say, the community is really great because I haven’t seen any players complaining if Luna having some troubling bugs in a long term or a problem with the GM.


    In overall from my review, I really like to play Luna online. Well, as you can say it’s just like another cute MMORPG, still it is a lovely game to be played. With its own cute graphics, no violent that was too crazy, without bloodshed, Luna was made to be played by everyone.

    I give 8.1/10 for this game.

    And my suggestion for you is, “You’ve got to try Luna online!!!”

    Thank you and that’s all folks.

    By : Xire

    Visit the official website:

  • Hello world!

    Posted on February 24th, 2009 xire11 1 comment

    Welcome to Binusian blog. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging! Happy Blogging 🙂